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            2. Welcome [Wuxi Yi Jin Machinery Co. Ltd.] official website!
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              Wuxi Yi Jin Machinery Co., Ltd.

              Wuxi Yi Jin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in various types of fan production, development and sales of science and technology enterprises, excellent design concept, and its recognized in the domestic high-quality, high performance, for domestic and foreign users with a variety of quality Fan.

              The company produces various models, specifications of centrifugal, axial fan and a variety of dust removal equipment, environmental protection equipment, ventilation pipe system for metallurgy, casting, mining, chemical glass, textile, food processing, electroplating, decorative materials, cement, Processing, environmental protection equipment and other fields, for coal-fired stoves, fuel stoves, aging furnace, heating furnace, dryer, dryer and environmental protection equipment, and other supporting. The company is strong in technology, testing means complete, advanced production technology.


              Contact: Mr. Wei     Mobile: 13395185578     Tel: 0510-83303276     Fax: 0510-83303276

              E-mail: 2637472470@qq.com     Web: www.kirstinilse.com     Add: Luoxian Town, Huishan District, Wuxi City

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